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Photographer: Stuart Wood Photography

Stuart, a multi-award-winning photographer with Fellowships in three professional photographic bodies, is highly sought-after as a leading photographer, educator, conducting successful workshops and seminars for photographers globally while contributing regularly to photography magazines.


“It is a gift when we come across the works of a “brilliant artist”. Stuart Wood carries such a title. The memories he creates are breathtaking”

Sharon Sacks, founder of Sacks Productions and named World’s Top Wedding Planner.


Currently shooting weddings all over the UK and worldwide, Stuart is celebrated as one of the UK's top luxury wedding photographers, renowned for his distinctive Relaxed, Fun, and Editorial style, accompanied by signature high-end lighting techniques. With a career spanning over 25 years, he has worked with prestigious clients like BBC, ITV, Sky, GRAZIA, Cosmopolitan, and Radio Times, shooting numerous covers and campaigns. Stuart's remarkable achievements include awards and Fellowships in three professional photographic bodies. He is also sought-after as an educator, hosting successful workshops and seminars for photographers worldwide, and regularly contributes to photography magazines. His project 'SIX, SIX, FORTY FOUR' commemorated the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and raised funds for The Royal British Legion, earning accession to the British Library collection. His passion for photography began early in life, eventually leading him to become one of the best photographers in London, admired for his talent, artistry, and dedication to the craft.



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