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Photographer: Olegs and Rita Photography. London wedding bride groom, London regents street, black cab, Christmas lights.

Award-winning UK wedding photography team with over eight years of experience and expertise documenting over 200 real weddings.

Olegs and Rita Photography is an award-winning UK wedding photography team passionate about capturing the essence of wedding day stories. With over eight years of experience and expertise in documenting over 200 real weddings, their documentary style and short editorial portrait sessions ensure the natural, unique, and personal moments are highlighted with emotion, fun, tears, and joy. They never overlook the beautiful details, providing peace of mind on the day, and their ultimate goal is to give couples the best day of their lives by capturing every precious moment. Olegs, a former musician and avid foodie finds inspiration in nature through mountain biking while enjoying family time with his partner, Rita, and their son, Oskar. Through their high-quality fine artwork, Olegs and Rita Photography create images that will be cherished forever, evoking feelings and bringing back memories of those special moments.

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