2024/2025 Summer Wedding Colours to Include in Your Palette

Fuchsia Summer Wedding Colour Palette
Photographer Camilla Joy.

As you start planning your summer wedding for 2024 or 2025, choosing a colour palette is one of your most exciting decisions. Your colours will set the tone for your entire celebration, from the invitations and bridesmaids’ dresses to the flowers and décor. To help you get inspired, we’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest summer wedding colours to include in your palette.

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Trending Summer Wedding Colour Palettes

Blush for Timeless Romance

Blush Wedding Bridesmaids dresses
Photographer Katie Rogers, Venue Botleys Mansion.

Blush pink, with its romantic and feminine feel, offers a timeless foundation for your wedding palette. Pair it with soft earth tones and greenery for a natural ambience or with crisp whites and metallics for a modern touch.

Embrace Tranquility with Soft Blue

Soft Blue Summer Wedding Colour palette bridesmaid dresses
Photographer Camilla Joy, Venue Chateau la Durantie.

Soft blue adds a layer of serenity to your wedding palette. This beautiful hue captures the calming effect of a clear summer sky or a refreshing ocean dip. Bridesmaids in light periwinkle dresses or dusty blue table linens will create a whimsical and elegant atmosphere.

Burnt Orange: A Touch of Summer Sunset

Burnt Orange Summer and Autumn Wedding Colour Palette
Photographer Olegs and Rita Samsonovs. Venue Kennington Hall.

Burnt orange adds a unique twist that captures the warmth of a summer sunset. This sophisticated hue isn’t just for autumn! Imagine terracotta planters overflowing with bright summer blooms like sunflowers or dahlias. Burnt orange tablecloths or napkins create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to experiment with burnt orange stationery or geometric patterned details for a touch of modern flair.

Green: Embrace Nature's Embrace

Green Summer Wedding Colour Palette
Photographer Emma Wilder. Venue The Ned.

Green, the lush foliage colour, beautifully mirrors summer’s essence. Don’t just incorporate greenery as an accent; consider using it as the grounding colour of your palette. Imagine lush ferns lining the aisle or bridesmaids’ dresses in a soft sage green shade. Woven baskets overflowing with wildflowers and greenery add a touch of rustic charm, while potted green plants create a natural and inviting ambience.

A Touch of Floral Fantasy: Violet and Lilac

Lilac and Violet Summer Wedding Colour Palette
Photographer Stuart Wood

Embrace the vibrancy of summer with pops of violet and lilac. With its cool undertones, Vivid Violet adds a refreshing and bold touch, perfect for organic textures and summer blooms. Imagine bridesmaids’ dresses in a soft lilac shade or centrepieces featuring delicate violet orchids and lavender roses. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterned fabrics or stationery incorporating these enchanting floral hues.

The Allure of Peach: A Refreshing Summer Palette

Peach Summer Wedding Colour Palette
Planner Hannah Hope. Photographer YTZ Weddings

For a light and airy feel, consider a palette centred around the soft elegance of peach. This refreshing hue evokes the warmth of a summer sunset yet remains light and inviting. Imagine bridesmaids’ dresses in delicate peach chiffon or table linens and dinnerware in various shades of peach for a cohesive look. Woven baskets overflowing with wildflowers in shades of coral and apricot add a touch of rustic charm, while crystal glassware and silver accents create a touch of timeless elegance. This palette is perfect for a daytime wedding or an outdoor celebration bathed in golden sunlight.

Fuchsia: A Bold Summer Statement

Fuchsia Summer Wedding Colour Palette
Photographer Camilla Joy.

Embrace the uninhibited joy of summer with a splash of fuchsia! This bold and energetic hue perfectly captures the season’s vibrancy. While fuchsia can stand alone for a truly unforgettable statement, its playful spirit shines even brighter when paired with calming neutrals. Imagine stunning centrepieces featuring fuchsia bougainvillaea cascading alongside delicate roses and hydrangeas. Natural wood tables and ornate blue porcelain accents create a sophisticated foundation, allowing the fuchsia to take centre stage and add a touch of playful whimsy to your summer celebration.

The Sophisticated Charm of Mauve

Planner La Fete. Photographer Fordtography Weddings.

Often associated with fall foliage, mauve offers a surprising yet delightful twist for a summer wedding colour palette. With its subtle blend of purple and pink, this elegant hue adds a touch of sophistication and romantic allure. Imagine bridesmaid dresses in a flowy mauve shade or table linens featuring a delicate mauve damask pattern. Mauve stationery with silver calligraphy adds a touch of timeless elegance while incorporating mauve rose accents in the centrepieces, creating a cohesive and romantic atmosphere.

The Sophistication of Gray: A Light and Airy Summer Palette

Grey Summer Wedding Colour Palette
Photographer Sharron Gibson

For a light and airy feel with a touch of unexpected elegance, consider a palette centered around the soft sophistication of gray. This delicate shade beautifully complements the vibrant greens and blues of a summer landscape, creating a calming and serene atmosphere. Imagine bridesmaid dresses in a flowy gray chiffon, or table linens and chairs in various shades of gray for a cohesive look. Lush potted plants and bouquets overflowing with white hydrangeas and soft pink roses add a touch of summery charm. Woven baskets filled with lavender sprigs and silver candelabras create a touch of timeless elegance. This palette is perfect for an outdoor wedding bathed in golden sunlight, allowing the natural beauty of the surroundings to take center stage.

Embrace the Drama: A Summer Palette with Black

Black Summer Wedding Colour Palette
Planner Amanda Costa Thompson. Photographer Eline Jacobine.

Break the summer wedding mould with stunning black bridesmaid dresses! These bold gowns add drama and sophistication, contrasting beautifully with your white dress. Pops of blush pink on sashes or belts create modern elegance, while vibrant bouquets and lush greenery pop against the black fabric. This unexpected palette is perfect for an evening wedding under the stars or a celebration with a touch of Art Deco flair.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some alternative wedding venues that couples are choosing in 2024?

Couples are opting for unique and unconventional venues that allow for personalisation, such as barns, vineyards, and industrial spaces.

What are some popular decoration trends besides traditional floral arrangements?

Greenery, such as eucalyptus and ferns, for a natural and elegant look.

Utilising the venue’s natural surroundings, especially for farm or vineyard weddings.

Hanging installations with cascading flowers, whimsical lanterns, or other creative elements to create a dramatic focal point.

What are some trendy, non-white wedding dress colours?

Blush, champagne, bold shades, and even black are all on-trend for wedding dresses in 2024.

What are some popular styles for wedding dresses in 2024?

Drop-waist gowns flatter hourglass figures with a vintage-inspired style.

Bridal separates allow for multiple looks throughout the day, perfect for an after-party outfit.

Lace details add a touch of romance and femininity in various styles.

Oversized bows make a statement on the back of the gown or neckline.

Shorter veils with glittering tulle or playful headband combinations add a touch of personality.

What are some alternatives to a traditional sit-down dinner for wedding receptions?

Sharing menus with platters of appetisers or charcuterie for socialising and trying a variety of dishes.

Grazing tables with a mix of sweet and savoury options for guests to enjoy at their leisure.

Dessert bars offering a variety of treats instead of a traditional cake.

What are some popular trends for capturing wedding memories?

Candid photography and documentary-style videography to capture natural and spontaneous moments.

Drone footage for a unique perspective showcasing the venue’s grandeur.

Hiring social media content creators to capture and post content throughout the wedding day.

What are some unique entertainment options for weddings?

Live music or alternative musical acts instead of a DJ.

Interactive elements like mirror photo booths, audio guestbooks, or live illustrators.

What are some creative wedding stationery trends?

Custom illustrations and watercolour designs for a personal touch.

Sustainable choices with recycled paper, vegetable inks, and biodegradable packaging.

What are some popular wedding favour trends?

Personalised herbal bath pouches. For example: Botanix.

Edible favours like personalised cookies, chocolates, or mini bottles of locally-produced honey or olive oil.

Experiential favours like wine tastings, cooking classes, or spa treatments.

Is sustainability a growing trend in weddings?

Yes, absolutely. Couples are incorporating eco-friendly choices throughout the wedding planning process, from biodegradable decor to locally-sourced, organic catering.

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