Ditch the Dated: Hottest Wedding Trends 2024

Wedding dancing party black and white wedding photograph
Photographer: Emma Wilder. Venue: Elmley Nature. Styling: The Fior Collective

Planning your happily ever after? Forget the outdated rulebook! This season’s hottest wedding essentials are about injecting personality, fun, and eco-consciousness into your celebration. From ditching the stress of one-day wonders to embracing whimsical details, here’s a delicious sampler of what’s trending in 2024 weddings:

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Reimagine Your Big Day: 2024 Wedding Essentials

Documentary style wedding shot by Photographer: Sharron Gibson
Photographer: Sharron Gibson
Capture Real Moments with Documentary-Style Photography

(Who wants a million staged photos anyway?) This year, it’s all about capturing the genuine emotions and joy of your wedding day with candid photography and real-time social content.

Drone Light Shows: The Eco-Friendly Spectacle

Light up the night with a spectacular drone show. It’s a win-win: environmentally friendly and customisable to reflect your unique story.

Embrace One-Color Palettes for a Tonal Affair

Sophistication awaits! A tonal colour palette creates a sense of unity and allows you to play with exciting textures and depths within a single colour.

Wedding Planner: Amanda Costa Thompson, Photographer: Clarity Sweden, Floral Design: Ro and Raff
The Rise of the Wedding Stylist

Looking your best on your wedding weekend? Don’t stress! Wedding stylists are there to help both brides and grooms curate unforgettable looks that reflect their personalities.

Unleash Your Guests' Inner Fashionista

Black tie is so last year! Encourage your guests to embrace their personal style with playful and creative dress codes. Think “ethereal black tie” or “your most outrageously en vogue attire.”

The Enchantment of Private Ceremonies

More couples opt for smaller, private ceremonies to create a more intimate and meaningful experience.

Luxury intimate micro wedding table in the garden trending 2024
Wedding Planner: The Stars Inside. Photographer: Rebecca Carpenter Photography. Florals: Jenni Bloom. Venue: Euridge
Meaningful Menus that Tell a Story

Food is love! Personalise your menu with family recipes or dishes that hold special meaning for your relationship.

Sustainability: Celebrate Love and the Planet

Couples are saying “I Do” to the planet, too! This means using eco-friendly materials, minimising waste, and opting for locally sourced flowers. Read more about Sustainable Wedding Planning

Champagne Towers Make a Comeback

A touch of vintage glam never goes out of style! Champagne towers are back to add a touch of fizz and fun to your reception.

Champagne Tower at Wedding trending 2024
Wedding Planner: Hannah Hope. Photographer: Anneli Marinovich. Venue: Four Seasons Hampshire.
Spreading the Love over Two Days

Why cram everything into one day? The new trend is to separate the ceremony from the party. This allows you to have a more intimate and meaningful ceremony, followed by an epic bash where you can let loose and celebrate with your loved ones.

Sweet Treats on the Go

Who needs a giant wedding cake anyway? This year’s all about offering grab-and-go mini desserts and creating themed stations like an affogato bar or a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit for dipping.

Florals with a Dutch Master Flair

Think big, bold, and dramatic! Deep, rich colours and overflowing arrangements inspired by Dutch Golden Age paintings are taking centre stage.

Dramatic Dutch Master Inspired Wedding Florals
Florals & Design: Wild At Heart. Planner: Antoinette Lettieri Venue: The Lanesborough

Securing your event suppliers is one of the most exciting moments in planning your upcoming celebrations, but the choice can be overwhelming. If you’re struggling to decide, look at our list of the world’s top-rated event Vendors & Venues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I personalise my wedding ceremony?

Absolutely! To make your ceremony unique, write your vows, incorporate cultural traditions, or choose a meaningful location.

How can I create a fun reception?

Get creative! For a lively atmosphere, consider interactive games, live music, food stations, or a signature cocktail.

Should I separate the ceremony and reception?

It can be ideal! This allows for a more intimate ceremony followed by a relaxed bash. Consider logistics like transportation and guest comfort between events.

How do I find a flattering dress for my body type?

Bridal shops offer a variety of silhouettes to flatter different figures. A-line gowns are universally flattering, while empire waists accentuate the upper body. Choose a dress that makes you feel confident and radiant!

Can I find a beautiful dress on a budget?

Yes! Consider pre-owned wedding websites, sample sales at bridal boutiques, or online retailers known for affordable yet stunning gowns. Remember, alterations can make a big difference.

What should my groom wear?

The groom’s attire should complement your dress and the overall wedding theme. Classic tuxedos are timeless, but slim-fit suits in interesting textures are trendy. Comfort and personality are key!

What are the hottest flower trends for 2024?

Bold and dramatic arrangements with deep, rich colours inspired by Dutch Golden Age paintings are trending. Embrace oversized blooms and overflowing centrepieces for a statement-making look.

How do I choose a colour palette?

Start with what you love! Explore monochromatic palettes using different shades of the same colour, or choose complementary colours for a vibrant look.

Can I create DIY centrepieces?

Absolutely! Get crafty and create beautiful centrepieces. Use mason jars filled with fairy lights and flowers, or decorate vintage books with candles and greenery. Pinterest is a treasure trove of DIY centrepiece inspiration!

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