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Guidelines for Submitting to Events Atelier:

At Events Atelier, we seek inspirational content that features vibrant photography, particularly in both landscape and portrait shots, although portrait images are preferred as visuals for articles and on our social media platforms. Furthermore, we encourage you to showcase the intricate details of décor, fashion, flowers, stationery, signage, and other personalised elements across various events, including weddings, special occasions, and children’s parties. Additionally, capturing genuine emotions during these celebrations is essential, as our readers highly value these heartfelt moments. Consequently, please ensure that all uploaded images have a minimum width of 1080 pixels for the best quality.

Diversity & Inclusion:

We are fully committed to promoting diversity and inclusion. We actively encourage submissions that authentically represent individuals from various backgrounds, including but not limited to brides and grooms from diverse ethnicities, LGBTQIA+ couples, and couples with disabilities. Furthermore, our primary aim is to create inclusive content that reflects our diverse audience. Also, we welcome submissions of weddings and events across various budget ranges, from modest to extravagant, whether an event’s cost is £100 or £1,000,000, as we value the unique character and significance of each.

Approval Criteria

A submission must meet at least two out of three of the following criteria to be considered for publication:

  1. You are a member of the Events Atelier Directory.
  2. The event/wedding or editorial shoot is diverse and inclusive.
  3. The event/wedding or shoot has a unique look, feel, or story that sets it apart.

If your submission is successful, we will contact you with further instructions and the next steps. We look forward to receiving your submissions and creating inspiring content together!

Ready to Submit? Please fill in the details. For any additional inquiries or comments, please contact us.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you confirm that you possess the necessary rights for all submitted images and content, preventing any potential legal complications. You also grant Events Atelier permission to showcase your content across our current and future media channels, including our website and social media platforms. Events Atelier retains the right to make image adjustments for website and social media presentation standards. While we aim for accurate credits, any errors in crediting should be promptly reported. Additionally, you agree to Events Atelier's right to retain and potentially use the submitted images indefinitely, with proper credit, in our content. Your acceptance of these terms signifies your comprehension and consent to these policies.
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